A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Reskue. I do remake and rewrite engine and add some new elements.
And add possiblity to save and load and crossplatform. Rescue in original created by mastertronic 1986.
Many years i dream about to play it normally with modern PC and phones.
Handwritten engine used  lua programming language and  Love2d framework
I do it for free without banners, lootpacks or etc. No ingame banners.
In Rescue you must save scientists from space base, invaded by evil pirates machines.
Keyboard or touchpad.  Mouse allowed only in editor mode.

Install instructions

On windows - run as admin

On Linux - you must unpack and maybe set flag 'executable'

On android - allow install other APK  sources.


Reskue Linux newest
Reskue Windows newest
Reskue Android b272 Newest
Reskue - how to play 3 kB
Reskue-Linux-x64-compile-dj-alex-b266.tar.gz 15 MB
Reskue-Windows-dj-alex-b266.tar.gz 7 MB

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